O C T ^ B L E S

Our Story

Octable is an Australian multi-national IT life services company, with years of multi-vendor hardware experience.


We offer end to end IT / Data Centre maintenance services that allows you to extend the life of our IT assets. With our innovative approach to service, we will help you change the way you manage your IT infrastructure.


Octable allows you to maintain your IT systems beyond standard OEM end of service dates - saving you both time and money.

Our Vision

Driving innovation in third party IT maintenance and promoting    cost-effective replacement solutions that have a positive impact on our planet.

Our Services

With years of expertise in IT  multi-vendor hardware and an international presence, Octable is your single point of contact (SPOC) for third party maintenance services.

Octable currently manages spares for several tier one providers. 

We also integrate with client procurement and supply chain management organisations to ease client procurement.


Octable provides turnkey reverse logistics where required, reducing client expenses and saving time. We even help clients recover value for spares equipment at end-of-life to extract residual value.


Managed IT
Life Services
Wireless, Cloud and CCTV Solutions
Octable Wireless, Cloud and CCTV solutions
Transport and Reverse Logistics
Octable Transport and Reverse Logistics
Cyber Security Audits and Analysis
New and 'Green' Hardware Procurement
Electronic Waste
(E-Waste) Recycling
Warehousing and Secure Storage
Web and Social Media
Octable Web and Social Media Development
Octable Cyber Security Services
Octable Hardware Procurement
Contact us for IT E-Waste Recycling




Welcome to a new level of service.
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